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Goldstrike’s Lightstrike™ now turns your lighting functions into an animated display of brilliant Everlight automotive grade LEDs. Depending on what product you're using, Lightstrike™ offers user selectable features including a variety of run, turn and brake functions, with an added strobe effect if desired. Adjustable timer settings give you full control and the ability to customize your lighting. We developed a brake burst mode to increase visibility at those extended stopping circumstances to make sure approaching traffic from the rear takes note. This user selectable feature creates a modulation of the brake light in a number of ways and frequencies. 

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Goldstrike Trunk Light

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I forgot my login for the app, how do I reset it?

If you forget your password you can easily be reset it:

  1. Power motorcycle on.
  2. Press the brake 30 times within 30 seconds of powering the motorcycle on. This resets all settings to the factory default and the password to 000000.
  3. Login and reset the password to a new 6 letter or number combination.
  4. Any other questions please reach out to or call 715-961-1107

Do I have to start the app each time I start my bike?

No. The light itself remembers all your settings, even if you disconnect the battery.

I have a Samsung phone and I can't connect to the Lightstrike light.

Some Samsung phones will require you to turn on the "location" function to allow the app to connect to the light.  

What does the app cost?

There is no cost to download the app or for the updates we offer.

Will Lightstrike lights work with all strobe kits?

Not all strobe kits are made the same and change the functions of the lighting differently. For the best results our Goldstike Plug-N-Play harness should be plugged in before the strobe kit harness.

If you are going to use the Goldstrike Tail Light Flash Module please watch the video on this page for installation options.

Is there a way to have the "Run Animation" turn on everytime I start my motorcycle?

No. When driving on public roadways, it is not legal to use the 'Run Animation.' Therefore, it should only be utilized in parades or on private property. Additionally, when you turn off the bike, the animation will also turn off, while the programmed light functions will continue as normal on your next start up.