Goldstrike, the leader in Gold Wing accessories

Password reset procedure 

If you forget you password you can reset it:

  1. Power motorcycle on.
  2. Press the brake 30 times within 30 seconds of powering the motorcycle on. This resets all settings to the factory default and the password to 000000.
  3. Login and reset the password to a new 6 letter or number combination. 

Run Animation. This feature allows the user to have the trunk light do a light show while in a parade or in a show. This feature can only be turned on before riding and the run animation will default back to Goldstrike factory settings once the motorcycle is turned off. Goldstrike strongly recommends resetting this feature before riding the motorcycle on public roads or highways.  For the safety of the ride and passenger this function can not be turned on permanently.    


Some Samsung phones will require you to turn on the "location" function to allow the app to connect to the controller.